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tv   Beyond the Headlines  ABC  October 2, 2011 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. welcome to "beyond the headlines", i'm cheryl jennings. today we are talking about elder care and growing population of seniors. recent reports by stanford center the shift told an older population has enormous and economic and political i am pligsz for all of us. the number of oer people 65 and over will double over the next 30 years from 40 million to 80 million and by 2032 there will be more people 65 and older than children under 15.
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and one in five americans will be 65 or older and the percentage of 85-year-olds will grow even faster. did he are asking californians to prepare what they are calling a silver tsunami. asian babyboomers one of california drivers will be over the age of 65 and they are asking to make sure they are good behind the wheels. >> establishing dialogue and to raise the comfort level not just the senior parent or groaned parent but those that would be broaching that subject, as well. they can contact the department if they feel someone in the family needs to rechecked. >> dmv says statistically they are still the safest years of driving.
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>> joining us is dr. patrick abore. 58-year-olds should they be on the road? >> absolutely, they are able to manage all the complexities of driving. many people can. i think we see in our society how we still want to criticize older people in to me to me that is something i'm agism. some people may not be able do that. >> and 90 year old grandmother that got her license renewed for five years. should that happen? >> it should be tested more frequently because things happen. >> sure, especially when you get to that point. 85 and older is the fastest growing we've heard about. >> the institute on aging really
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is very interested in this whole arena of the 85 plus age category because people are probably going to need much more support than somebody at 6 6 or 55. that is challenging for people where independence is so valued, so prized. i think it's very hard for people in their 80s or 90s to know when it's time to seek help. what we hope at institute of aging, if they have aging questions they will turn to institute on aging for information, maybe for a referral and spourt support from our own services. >> so is it walk in? >> generally people will call in. a staff director will navigate them into the services that they might be interested in. >> i understand you also have a friendship line.
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>> 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 365 days a year. we respond to the needs of any older person or caregiver ho is again seeking some kind of connection. that is what institute on aging really does so well is connects with people. it reaches out to people. and says, it can be challenging to get older and it can be scary. it be very difficult you get a diagnosis of early stage dementia. when we are talking about 85 plus age category, wow, you are going live a long time but we fail to connect that to half of you are probably going to have alzheimer's disease and other half will be caring for you. >> so bee need institute such as yours. thank you doctor, we appreciate it. >> we do have to take a break and how you can protect yourself hey guys, what can i get for you?
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[ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's pizza stuffers. new, minimum mess, maximum fun! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sureou do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat welcome back. today we've been talking about our growing population of seniors. a state report and "7 on your side" investigation uncovered a lack of oversight of the home care industries is leading to the abuse of seniors and disabled here is michael finney. >> reporter: 93 rose michaels cherishes her visits with her
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daughter. she has dementia and lives in a senior home. she was being cared of by convicted felon. he stole as much as $30,000. they were unaware of the criminal past. now, they want greater oversight of the home care industry. >> i don't want to be a victim of something like this happening to me. i don't want to see any of the others being a victim and they are most susceptible group. >> there is an office of oversight conducted an investigation into home elder care using our "7 on your side" investigation as evidence. >> number one, we found that there were people currently advertising their services on craigslist who do have criminal back grounds. we found many people that have been convicted of caregiver crimes have previous rap sheets, about 25% of them. >> many in-home care agencies claim to do background
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collection but it can range from a thorough screening to a $19.95 instant internet check that is usually nothing of value. the home care agency conducted a background check on rose's caretaker but that check failed to find a drug conviction, numerous parole violations and 2008 restraining order keeping canuba away from her own children. >> one of the most findings of my report is that kal californians under current law can do their own background checking. >> from the senate oversight committee, families can use an innocence of service that scans their fingerprints for a background check but few take advantage of it. rosalind says that her family didn't even know about it. >> i think it's more of an
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oversight, elderly are into the priority. >> the bill would require licensing of home care providers and make background checks mandatory. it would also list certified providers on a website. >> owner of senior actions and i oppose. >> members of the home care industry are opposed to the legislation. greg yu is with home sweet home of san francisco. >> we are concerned about deprive, that not only the caregivers have to put their names out but the direct hire, they will have to list their name and location. >> a senator of los angeles authored the bill. >> the purpose of this website is to give consume ears place to go to check the legitimacy of the home care and to make sure they work for licensed agencies. in the studio from california advocates for advocar home reform is pat mcginnis. oh we were talking, we've been
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on a long term on these issues. >> and the issue was back then and still back now. >> over the years, of course, there are many different issues coming up. the issue of home care, so many people want to avoid institutionization. we have no oversight capability in california. most of home care agencies aren't even licensed. >> we need to change that? >> we certainly do. one of the clips i saw the woman was saying, elderly was not just a priority and that is very clear in our ap appropriations in california. >> how much financial abuse do seniors face? >> but home care workers, if you hire somebody you don't know, potential for abuse is there.
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and in terms of financial abuse people have to be very leery of providing somebody and letting somebody to do the agent. institutional abuse and certainly in nursing homes has been a long time problem and it's been increasing in nursing homes. >> your organization provides to help people navigated their way through it. >> information particularly regarding how to look for a residential care facility or nursing home and then financial information about medicare and medical. we have a lawyer referral service. others are targets for all kinds of financial scams, we call it what kamo, one-you get rid of one and another one comes up. >> and them ombudsmen? >> but long care are
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specifically authorized underint the law to investigate and resolve complaints made on behalf of residents and residential care. their budget has been cut significantly under past administration but they are still doing an incredible job as assisting residents. >> and people that wanted to reach you. >> generally, e-mail us, we have an 800 number 474-1176 and website that is chalked full of information on all various areas of long term care issues. >> pat, thank you. >> thank you for spending time on this issue. >> we are going to take a break. we'll be back with newclclcleded
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welcome back to beyond the headlines. i'm cheryl jennings, we'll baby talking about our growing senior population, millions are struggling to find affordable
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housing these case. alan wang has looked at the problem. >> she graduated with a degree she nearly became homeless. the job opportunities are slim and fixed income of $900 a month fortunately she got in affordable housing community in oakland. >> there were tears of joy. i never dreamed this would happen to me. >> miss kotd seven part of a fast growing population in need of housing. 3.4 million seniors live below the poverty line. >> we have 174 here and over 200 people on the waiting listed. >> that is why they are looking to develop affordable senior housing through tax credit equity. >> a nonprofit tax credit because we are nonprofit we don't need the tax credit so we
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sell to the corporation that invest in tax credit so for equity investment in property. >> through these partnerships she only pays $300 a month for a one bedroom apartment. but the wave of retiring babyboomers is outpacing affordable housing. federal funding has been slashed for three years posing a serious public policy question. >> how are we going to make more affordable housing like her? >> affordable housing for seniors can be subsidized by foundations or religious organizations and by the u.s. department of urban housing and development. most offer an independent lifestyle and residents are expected to do their own cooking and cleaning and transportation and some offer other programs for extra charge and activities and schedule transportation. joining me now is kaye sharbough
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it's called senior seasons. i love the name. >> senior seasons is company we starred after i helped my mother to find senior housing. it's very much like a broker service. we are a referral agency. we have seniors find housing so they don't have to wade tloorl through all the acronyms and strange names. we work with seniors as well as their families and work with the professionals, attorneys and financial planners and doctors who also serve the senior population. >> not everybody has a lot of money but might have to be placed somewhere. how do you handle that. >> we offer placement, a referral service.
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what we do is people, you zoq i have an article on my website, it's called affordable housing is not a dream. we counsel people through the process and we point them to the website that you just noted. >> i know, from my own family situation, we didn't know about your wonderful service. so so many things they are caught between kids and parentss >> we get calms from adults who are worried about their parents. parents on the east coast, parents are getting frail. meanwhile, they are trying to focus in taking dare of their own children. we meet with the families. we will go to their homes. you can meet in our offers and talk about what they need and then we try to explain to them the senior housing options that
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are available. >> is it a process that takes it a while to get adjusted to it? >> sometimes it goes very quickly and other times it takes years. >> some of misconceptions people have nursing home communities and residential communities you are talking about. >> i just had this conversation last night with a family. most of us think in terms of certain things, people will say, no i don't ever want to move out of my home because they are still missing, where do you go? but senior housing is a very attracting i have option. there are many benefits to live in senior is housing. it offers cooking, cleaning, socialization and in order to age successfully one has to eat nutritiously. they have to get plenty of exercise and they need to have
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the social environment. that is what senior housing can offer. >> you really make a difference. thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> we do have to take a break but we're going hear about another service for seniors. stay with us you can see
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welcome back. i'm cheryl jennings, for the first time ever there are more americans over the age of 40 than under. with nearly 10,000 people turning 65 every day. also according to the census bureau, boomers have higher household incomes and report next track series, what is next for boomers, more advertisers are following the money for me a model was, 18 years old, 18 feet tall and 18 pounds. >> i never dreamed i would be modeling.
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>> cindy joseph was discovered by top fashion photographer after she stopped dying her flowing gray hair. he is now the new poster girl for other boomers, reinventing themselves about the fastest growing demographic. >> it was advertisers need to send a message for people that have money to buy the product. >> new york's prestigious ford models has a term called classic where gray is the new blonde. more than half of which are still buying for their children or an aging parent parent. >> i go in, what you see is what you get. if you want it, i'll sell it to you. [ laughter ] >> cindy is now leveraging her new found modeling success in yet another xhua career, the
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cosmetics business with own line of makeup. >> wow, wouldn't be awesome to make a cosmetic line. >> she is betting on the new venture and targeting other women around the longevity realities of life after 50. >> it's not aspiring to youth any more, we are people that enjoying who we are and what we are. we are enjoying our lives. we would like to see peers in ads so using people like me and now it's grown like wildfire. if you look at baby boomer generation, every single dick indicated of our lives we have reinvented what has gone on before. we are not sitting on the front porch knitting and rocking away. vicky epstein, director of
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avenidas village. thank you for being here. >> avenidas village, two separate things? >> avenidas is the senior center in palo alto. it's an organization it's been there for over 40 years. it has wonderful instructional classes, a senior day health center, wellness and offering support services, newest program which is avenidas village. its program we are coming up on our fourth birthday. it's an alternative to retirement community living. it's people that want to stay in their own homes, homes they have been in for 30 and 40 years and they love. we will enable them to maintain their independence in their own homes. >> wow. >> the way in which we do that
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we give them one phone number that they can call 24/7 for whatever issue they have. of course, we as the village staff on the receiving end of that call, we how best to make that move. we work with a lot of different service providers a huge number of them, 175. we also work with volunteers. so we can oftentimes meet their niedz needs through volunteer and if not we can meet it through one of the wonderful service providers. they are vetted folks. it's a personalized care and attention for every one of our members. >> how does this work. there has to be a charge for this? >> there is an annual fee, that annual fee is less than $3 a day. the cost of a lattee. it was policeman in which you
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renew yearly. >> and there is a process to make sure people are licensed? >> they put them through a stringent process before we approve them. >> how do people get in touch with us? >> you call us at avenidas village, the phone number 650-281-5104. >> and you can refer to other parts of the bay area? >> absolutely. this is a national program. we are one village of almost 60 actually operational around the country. >> it's a wonderful process? >> its wonderful set of benefits and service for people that want to stay in their home. >> how many people become a part of this process? >> we have 330 members presently. >> and it's going to continue. thank you so much.
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i appreciate it. >> we are out of time a special thanks to all of our guests today. and we have information about all of our guests on our website at and you can find us on facebook on community faces follow me on twitter from abc7. i'm cheryl jennings, thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you next time. bye-bye for now. ♪ ♪
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